10 Super Useful Gifts For Expectant Parents

Most of the time when we think about getting gifts for expectant parents we almost always think of the baby first.

As lovely as this is I wanted to mix things up a bit. I thought it would be great to list gifts that I would have loved as an expectant parent.

If the gift isn’t for baby what do I get? I hear you say.

Do not worry! I have pulled together a list of 10 super easy and useful gifts that all expectant parents would love and use.

Without a doubt if anyone had bought any of these as a gift for me I would have been over the moon.

1. Food Delivery Voucher

The last thing we want to do in the first couple of weeks after your little one has arrived is prepare and cook dinner.

I made so many dinners that I could freeze before my little ones were born. I even asked family and friends to help too. However how amazing would it be to get a food delivery voucher.

You can choose what you want, when you want it and it gets delivered straight to you door. No faffing around cooking when you are tired, its effortless and easy! What better gift for expectant parents could there be?

Grab a Gift Card at Just Eat and treat some expectant parents to a lovely stress free dinner.

2. Amazon Gift Card

We all know that amazon is our best friend at the best of times but expectant parents will need amazon ALL the time.

An Amazon gift card is such a great gift idea enabling new parents to buy whatever they need with next day delivery, super convenient for them late night panic buys.

I used amazon for water wipes, nappies, bottles… practically everything! It isso convenient having everything you need delivered to your door super quick.

It takes the stress away from having to go to the shops when you are tired and can’t be bothered.

3. Netflix Gift Card

There will without a doubt be many hours spent watching TV in the early days of baby arriving.

I remember watching Netflix so much when I was doing the baby feeds both day and night. It was nice to focus my mind and also gives you a bit of company at the night feeds.

You can catch up on so many great tv series, I just loved it.

Top recommendations are Emily in Paris, Afterlife, Lupin and of course my favourite of all time Queer Eye.

You don’t have to buy a full yearly subscription just however much you choose, grab your Netflix voucher here.

4. Food Subscription – Hello Fresh

Do you ever do your food shop or go to the fridge to think about what to cook for dinner and always go for the same old meals? This was us as a family.

We were getting so bored with our regular meals but we had no time or energy to research new exciting recipes and to be honest we didn’t know where to start.

Once my littlest reached the 6 months mark things seem to settle into a consistent routine so I felt I had the time to cook a couple of meals in the week.

With this inspiration I looked into Hello Fresh and used a great discount to grab two family meals a week.

I was blown away by how yummy and different the meals were. It felt like we were actually eating at a restaurant and I started to look forward to dinner more.

Now let me be 100% honest, I am in no way a cook. I try my best but honestly I would rate myself 6/10 so I was a bit nervous at the thought of following a recipe and cooking.

There was no need for any worry, it was super easy and I enjoyed having some me time doing something different.

I thought that for any new parents that enjoy to cook or just need that little bit of space or a treat at home this could be the perfect gift.

Cook your family up a lovely meal to let them know how much they mean to you.

5. Coffee Machine

Coffee is the best friend to all new parents! Caffeine when you are tired or struggling and need a boost is the perfect pick me up.

As gifts for expectant parents go this has to be one of the most needed!

Instead of having instant coffee which lets be honest can be quite bland what better why to start your morning than a fresh made coffee at home.

You can buy some really lovely inexpensive coffee machines that give you that frothy yummy dream in the morning.

My favourite has to be The De’Longhi Nescafé Dolce Gusto Mini Me, its a great price and the perfect starter machine.

6. Amazon Prime Membership

The majority of us have Amazon Prime Membership but on the occasion that new parents don’t it has to be one of the best gifts for expectant parents there is.

The joys of having an Amazon Prime Membership is much more than just next day delivery. You get access to Prime Video which has an array of great films, tv series and one of shows including the great Pink documentary.

You also get Amazon music which is brilliant with playlists, radio and all of your favourite top hits.

7. Family Photo Shoot

For my little boys first birthday we went on a family photoshoot. I thought it would be an amazing day to capture him turning the big one and us as a family. Furthermore, I used an online photo editor to edit the clicked photos. 

When I was thinking about the best gifts for expectant parents I thought how amazing it would be to have a photoshoot with your newborn.

To be able to have a beautiful picture to look back on and keep forever of your special moment as a family is just wonderful.

There are so many talented photographers that offer mini family shoots in your local area its worth having a look as a real treat.

8. Amazon Echo Dot

I love listening to music in the morning. I put on an playlist on my Amazon Echo and enjoy the energy and buzz this gives me.

Music is so good for the soul and can relax not only you but your little ones too. It is so easy to just ask Alexa to play your favourite uplifting song or an easy listening playlist.

I also love to add things to my shopping list when something pops into my head without having to have a notepad to hand, super convenient.

It is such a handy gadget for families to have in the home that expectant parents would for sure get daily use out of it.

9. Food Hamper

Now when I say food hamper I don’t mean something super posh that no one will want to eat. I mean a homemade hamper full of delicious treats that will hugely help new parents.

To fill a hamper with late night snacks, energy boosting treats, healthy nutritious nibbles or yummy chocolates is a real treat.

A gift like this shows that you care, that you are thinking of them and you know what is needed to give both an energy or mood recharge when new parents need it the most.

10. Flower Subscription

Having lovely flowers delivered to your door is not a need at all but its definitely a mood booster.

Walking into a room with a lovely fresh bouquet of flowers makes you feel happy and like you have your Sh*t together, which lets be honest we need as new parents.

This is such a thoughtful gift to show any expectant parents that you are thinking of them and you care.

New mums will love this and in that emotional whirlwind after birth will make her feel special.

Let expectant parents know that you care and you are thinking of them at this magical time. Remember that the gift of giving is powerful, it can mean the world to new parents and most of the time is that pick me up that they all need.

If you need any support as a new mum check out my latest post with 11 super easy ways to introduce some self care into your life. We all need some self love sometimes 🙂

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