9 Of The Best 3 Months Old Baby Activities

Welcome to the Activity Series.

Over the course of the next few weeks I will be sharing with you activities that have worked for me and my little ones at different stages in their development and age.

No need to worry about what you need to be doing or what activities are right for your baby.

Everything you will need to know to keep your littles ones entertained you will be able to find in this series.

Today we are kicking off the activity series with fun and engaging 3 months old baby activities.

Your baby is still so little at this stage but there are plenty of fun activities you can play together to help encourage babies’ senses and stimulate them.

If you want a quick and fun list of lots of activities for children check out my Kids Activity List Freebie here.

1. Tummy Time Fun

We all understand how important it is to actively promote tummy time for your little one. 

Core strength and neck muscles are key for your baby’s development and tummy time is the perfect activity for this.

As your baby is still really young you may feel more comfortable using a tummy time cushion or roll to support their head.

This is a great tummy roll that is great for supporting and encouraging tummy time

These are great for your baby to lay on and rest against instead of being flat to the floor. This gives them extra support in the early stages.

Not only can this be one of the fun 3 months old baby activities its also incredibly important for their growth.

We used both a cushion and roller which both worked great.

Another way to encourage your baby to do tummy time is putting them on your chest with their tummy to your tummy. 

You can make funny sounds and pull funny faces and this will encourage your little one to look up at your and build their neck muscles. 

2. Peek A Boo

I loved playing this game with both my little boys as they are a sure-fire way of getting some lovely smiles and giggles.

We used either a clean muslin or little blanket and sat in front of my little one so he could directly see me.

I would then move the muslin up and down with lots of smiles so my baby knew where I was.

They then learnt that I would keep coming back so it was a game.

The simplest of games really are the best, I still love playing this today and my youngest is one years old. 

3. Playmat

Having a playmat at home is a great way to let your baby explore on their own.

Lots of different colours, textures and little toys that they can reach for and play with.

Encourage them to feel their way around and play with the little toys by showing them each one.

You could also put some little toys on their mat teaching them to reach for objects and start to learn to grasp them.

There is a wide variety of playmats on offer in the market ranging from simple designs to more detailed.

I love this Sunshine and toys playmat from Mamas & Papas

4. Music

Music in the home is a great way to introduce new sounds to your baby.

Not only is it great for mummy to have on to give you a bit of motivation as you get tired throughout the day but great for baby too.

Relaxing music at meal time and bath time works wonders to get your little one in the right mood and put them in a calm environment.

It has been proven that listening to music helps your baby grow in every possible way. Sensory engaging environments greatly contribute to a child’s cognitive and sensory development.

Music will be a key activity to include in your every day as your child grows up. It helps improve brain power and memory function and amazingly inspires creativity. 

5. Sensory Play

Doing sensory play at home can be as easy and as homemade as you want it to be.

Putting different textures in front of your baby to play with is an easy way to get them to explore their sense of touch.

It can be the simplest of things that your baby can feel like carpet, some grass, wooden floors, a cushion anything that you think they would like.

Giving them the ability to explore what you have at home obviously within reason is one of the easiest ways to play and learn with your little one.

6. Baby Massage

When my eldest was 6 weeks old I took him to baby massage classes, at first I wasn’t sure how it would go.

I had a fear that he would just wee and poo everywhere, which he did at some points.

But poo and wee aside it was great and he loved it.

I started to do this after bath time and Jakson loved it. It really calms and soothes them and by using the oil it makes their skin so lovely and soft.

I wouldn’t say its one of the classic 3 months old baby activities however when my boys were on their play mat I would move their legs in bicycle motions and give them a nice little tummy rub and they both really enjoyed it.

7. Sing A Long Time

Singing not only soothes the soul but its amazing for children.

If you have a little sing a long time make it even more fun by using actions and clapping.

Our favourite were ‘Wind the bobbin up’, ‘Im a little tea pot’, ‘The hokey pokey’ and ‘Wheels on the bus’.

By using actions as well as singing you increase the engagement with your little one and make it even more fun.

Guaranteed smiles and giggles 🙂

8. Homemade Rattles

We all have left over plastic bottles from drinks or milk that we would normally recycle. However why not make your little one a homemade rattle?

You can fill it with different things that make new noises. I used rice, pasta, cereal and small stones from the garden.

They all have different unique sounds so you could make a few of them so your little one has some variety and learns the different sounds.

9. Water Play

I know what you are thinking… MESSY! Well yes it is but it can be as messy as you want it to be really.

Get a towel and put it down on the floor, get a washing up bowl and put some water in to maybe a quarter full.

Then grab as many things as you think your baby would enjoy to pay with.

You could have a plastic cup, straws to float, a little bowl to pour water into. There are so many things you can use to show your children different senses.

I used to use the cup and lift it high and pour water back in the bowl, the height and the noise really fascinated my boys and they loved it.

They both loved to splash their hands in the water and feel the water on their hands.

Something so simple can bring so much joy, it’s honestly brilliant to watch.

I hope this gives you some ideas for fun and easy 3 months old baby activities that will really engage and develop your little ones awareness and senses.

Life can get so busy sometimes and chaotic but it’s nice to slow down and give ourselves quality time to play with our babies.

Time is precious and goes so fast, let’s enjoy the moments and fun times we have with our babies.

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