11 Of The Best 6 Months Old Baby Activities

Welcome back to the Activity Series.

Over the course of the next few weeks I will be sharing with you activities that have worked for me and my little ones at different stages in their development and age.

No need to worry about what you need to be doing or what activities are right for your baby.

Everything you will need to know to keep your littles ones entertained you will be able to find in this series.

Today we are back with 6 months old baby activities to give you a go to list to keep your little one having fun.

Check out the first post of the series 3 Months Old Baby Activities and if you want a quick and fun list of lots of activities for children check out my Kids Activity List Freebie here.

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1. Stacking

Stacking cups have to be one of the go to 6 months old baby activities we played when my little one was 6 months old.

He loved me stacking the cups and then he would be so excited to then knock them over. An instant winner for lots of happy giggles.

We love these Lamaze Pile & Play Cups, they are the perfect size and with the bright colours your little one will love them.

2. Peek A Boo

What a classic this game is! So versatile and you can play this anywhere you are with your little on.

By playing Peek A Boo with your baby you can stimulate gross motor skills and it teaches them about object performance.

The idea that despite them not being able to see something (Mummy’s happy face) it still exists.

3. Drumming Band

Im not saying at this point go out and buy your little one a drum kit, unless you really want to.

Drumming band is the simple joy or getting in the kitchen and letting your little one hit a saucepan with a wooden spoon and make their own music.

You could even give them a few different sized pans to make different noises.

The joy this brings your little one is so much fun and they absolutely love it.

However for Mummy and Daddy it may be a short fix haha

4. Music

Music in the home is a great way to introduce new and different sounds to your baby.

Not only is it great for mummy to have on to give you a bit of motivation as you get tired throughout the day but great for baby too.

Relaxing music at meal time and bath time works wonders to get your little one in the right mood and put them in a calm environment.

It has been proven that listening to music helps your baby grow in every possible way. Sensory engaging environments greatly contribute to a child’s cognitive and sensory development.

Music will be a key activity to include in your every day as your child grows up. It helps improve brain power and memory function and amazingly inspires creativity. 

As 6 months old baby activities go this is my favourite one.

5. Sensory Play

Doing sensory play at home can be as easy and as homemade as you want it to be.

Putting different textures in front of your baby to play with is an easy way to get them to explore their sense of touch.

It can be the simplest of things that your baby can feel like carpet, some grass, wooden floors, a cushion anything that you think they would like.

Giving them the ability to explore what you have at home obviously within reason is one of the easiest ways to play and learn with your little one.

6. Bubble Fun

Bubbles can come in all shapes and sizes and from many methods. You can buy a little bottle that you can use to play with your little one inside.

Or you could go big and get a bubble machine that sends hundreds of bubbles in the air for the pure entertainment of your little one.

This Red Bubble Machine is a great option if you fancy going for the big scale.

Bubbles are a hit for babies and children for so many years, the bubble love never seems to end.

7. Reading Time

Reading is one of the best activities to do with your child because it teaches them about communication.

Its a great activity to enable your little one to be introduced to colours, shapes, letters and numbers.

I also think its one of the most wonderful shared activities you can do with your little one.

I absolutely love this book from Jojomamanbebe called Read To Your Baby Every Day. Such a lovely idea and it looks so beautiful.

8. Rolling The Ball

At 6 months old your baby will either be sitting up or soon will be.

This is a great time to start playing activities that are a little more physical.

Giving them a little colourful ball and showing them how to roll it is a great starter for them.

We used this colourful Jellycat Boing Ball that made a nose every time my little boy through it. It was so much fun and both my boys have loved to play this.

9. Whats In The Basket

I got this idea from one of the baby programmes on CBEEBIES and I thought it was great.

Get a basket or a bag if that works better for you and fill it with a few different things.

Now make sure you fill it with items that you don’t mind baby putting in their mouth as we know that’s the first thing they will do.

Ideas could be plastic balls, Plastic bottles that you have cleaned out and the lid is secured, scarves, baby books, wooden spoons etc

The list is endless and totally up to you and what you have available.

The joy of this activity is the mystery of what is in the box and letting your baby explore new items that they would not normally play with.

10. Activity Centre

There are many different activity centres available in the market however I personally don’t think you can go wrong with the super Fisher Price Jumperoo.

Both my little boys absolutely loved it and lasted them until at least 12 months old.

They have so much fun bouncing but also playing with the different toys its a Win Win.

Check out the review I did on the Animal Wonders Jumperoo to get more information and more detailed pictures if you are thinking of getting one for your little one.

11. Ball Pit

What child doesn’t want to play in a ball pit right??

I remember this being the most amazing and fun thing to do when I was little.

It brings so much joy and entertains them no end.

You can buy packs of balls from a number of places or you can get the balls and pit together in a number of shapes and designs.

Let them enjoy sitting exploring all the different coloured balls, they will love it.

I hope this gives you some ideas to play with your little one. This full list of 6 months old baby activities will engage, develop and stimulate your little ones awareness and senses.

Enjoy playtime and I will see you next time.

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