Fisher-Price Animal Wonders Jumperoo Review – Should You Buy It?

Most of us mums will be aware in some way of the Fisher-price Jumperoo play gym or activity centre. However does it really live up to the hype?

Babies under 12 months are constantly growing through each stage of their developmental leaps. This means that they will need new toys or activities to stimulate them. As mums we want something that is firstly safe but also entertaining enough to occupy the little ones. We all need that 5 mins in the day to enjoy a nice hot cup of tea right?

I bought the Fisher-price Animal Wonders Jumperoo when my little boy was 6 months old. I had been online and done a lot of research on the brand and style that I thought my little boy would enjoy.

Its been nearly 4 months now and I wanted to share an honest review of whether I think the Jumperoo is all its cracked up to be.

We bought our Jumperoo from Amazon and it was super easy as they delivered it straight to our door.

After using the jumperoo, it’s important to store it safely at home to prevent accidents. Consider storing it in a secure location away from high traffic areas. Alternatively, if you have other baby equipment that’s not frequently used, you might want to consider utilizing self-storage units like those available in self storage units billings. This ensures your equipment remains safe and secure when not in use.

In this review I will cover the following topics to give you an insight into the design and how it has worked for me.

  • Overall Design
  • Entertainment Value
  • Age Range & Weight limits
  • Price
  • What we liked? What we didn’t like?
  • Mums Happy Place Verdict

Jumperoo Overall Design – 4/5

Let’s start with the assembly, I did this with my husband just to make it easier and quicker. I could have built this on my own however it would have taken longer.

The assembly is quite self explanatory with clear instructions on how to build the main frame. The frame felt heavy initially however this is to keep your little one safe so that the frame does not move when your baby bounces.

The size of the jumperoo is H87, W84 and D84cm. You will need a good amount of space to have this set up as it is quite bulky.

There are 3 adjustable height levels to support each stage for your little one. I think this is brilliant and enables them to keep pushing themselves to bounce and play for a longer amount of time.

I really like that the main springs that make the frame bounce are covered in fabric ensuring no trapped fingers or hands.

The seat is a bucket style in a bold fabric design with a built up back to offer support. The positive here is that it is machine washable which is a winner for us mums when we need to get rid of all that dribble.

I love the animals theme of the Jumperoo. It uses lots of bright colours and prints making this really attractive and fun for the little ones to play with.

The downside I would have with the design is that it cannot be folded away. Its quite hard to move in its built form especially to get through doors so once its up its up.

You can dismantle it if you need to move it but this isn’t really something you want to be doing as busy mum.

Jumperoo Entertainment Value – 5/5

I use the Jumperoo with my little boy when I need some hands free time to either grab some milk for him, have a cup of tea or just have 5 minutes to relax.

My little one can be entertained on average from around 5-15 mins depending on his mood that day.

He loves the hands on fun whilst the brilliant rotating seat gives him 360-degree access to all the toys, activities, and animals.

The toys and activities included are

  • Roller ball with mini balls inside for rattling sound as your baby moves it around.
  • Crocodile flipper which was great for my little boy to start using his fine motor skills and fingers to move each piece.
  • Spinning Giraffe that has multiple spinning parts
  • Red teething frog which is great as its a good size for your baby to have a good chew. Really easy to wipe clean after when its full of dribble.
  • The front section has the music control which has two sound levels and two choices of music themes. In this section there is also a light up chameleon and swinging monkey.
  • High up there is a fabric Panda and Elephant which my little boy loves reaching up to try and get and giving a good whack!
  • Towards the left there is a lion slider and mirror which is one of my little boys favourite areas.

As your little one is learning and discovering all of the new areas of fun they can jump while they play. This is brilliant because for every jump they do music starts to play, there are different sounds and areas light up.

When this first happened my little boy was so excited he just kept jumping and jumping.

Jumperoo Age Range & Weight

We bought this when my little boy was 6 months old however it does state that the jumperoo is suitable from 4 months and over.

Max weight is 12kg which would probably be between 12-15 months old.

Jumperoo Price Rating – 5/5

The market is quite saturated for play gyms with the Jumperoo having a number of different designs and themes. For the Animal Wonders Jumperoo we paid £90 which we were happy with and felt this was competitive for the market.

You can buy a Jumperoo cheaper at around £70 and you can pay more for specific designs which are at around £100.

For the amount of time my little boy has used this so far and the relax time it has given me as a mum I feel that £90 is well worth it.

What We Liked?

  • The seat spins for 360 degrees of playing making it super easy for your little one to play with all the toys on offer.
  • Every time my little boy bounced he was rewarded with music, lights, and sounds which encouraged him to bounce more.
  • Easily adjusts to 3 different heights as your baby grows
  • Main seat is removable and machine-washable, super handy for any mess!
  • Great for motor skills with jumping, balancing on their tip toes and reaching up for the higher toys.
  • Super for their sensory skills with all the different colours, prints, textures, lights and sounds.
  • My little boy will happily play for up to 20 mins which is handsfree time or relax time for us mums.
  • Most importantly my little one loves it, lots of giggles and smiles which makes it worth it.

What We Didn’t like?

  • No option to fold away – This would be a huge feature if this could be added as it is quite a bulky unit and once it is built you are committed.

Mums Happy Place Overall Verdict – 5/5

We are definitely on team Jumperoo! My little boy gets so much fun and pleasure from playing we are 100% happy with our purchase.

There is so much for your little one to play with that will keep them entertained. I love that each section is different and as your child moves round they will get a new experience.

It has become a 10.30am morning ritual for us to have a play in the Jumperoo while mummy has a hot cup of tea. I sit and watch my little boy having so much fun that it is 100% worth the money.

You do have to commit to a space in your house that you will be happy with for a while as the Jumperoo is quite bulky. Initially I was like urrrgghhh that is big however now I’m so used to it that its part of the furniture.

Overall my little one loves it, he is having great sensory plays and I get 5 mins to relax #mumgoals!

Enjoy your Jumperoo time!

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