8 Amazing Truths After Having A Second Baby

It is so nice to be able to sit and think about what being a mum of two means. What has it really been like having a second baby?

It’s great to be able to reflect on how I have felt and what has been different from having my first little boy.

Thinking back to around two years ago I honestly thought that having two children would be really hard.

I constantly wondered how tired I would be and if I would feel stressed 100% of the time.

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Well let me tell you, I couldn’t have been more wrong.

I have pulled together 8 positive home truths that I have honestly felt since having my second little boy.

1. Less Concerned With Being The ‘Perfect’ Parent

I remember when my first little boy was born I constantly felt like I needed to show I could be this amazing super mum and be like everyone else around me.

I had built up in my head what I felt like the ‘Perfect Mum’ would be and when I never lived up to that I felt like I had let myself and my little boy down.

It feels so much different this time and its a wonderful feeling.

Im happy knowing that there is no such thing as ‘Perfect’! We are all unique and amazing in our own mummy ways.

I embrace that now, I feel less pressure, more confident and more secure in my own abilities.

It is such a refreshing feeling knowing that being the best me is good enough for both my boys.

2. You appreciate time with your friends or partner even more

Having time with my husband or with friends always felt like a luxury after having my first little boy.

Now it is even more rare and I appreciate it so much more.

Having two children is constant, full on and there is no break.

Its so nice to be able to look forward to that special time with your loved one or friends.

It makes me realise how valuable and important time away to be ‘Me’ or ‘Wife’ or ‘Friend is.

3. It feels easier than the first time around

When you have your first child you go into the unknown.

No matter how much people try and prepare you nothing is quite like taking your first born home and figuring out everything you need to do.

The joy of having your second baby is that you have been there, done that!

You know how you are going to feel, you know you will be tired. There isn’t much that is a surprise which is a huge blessing.

I am calmer and less anxious which makes second time around even more enjoyable

4. You are going to wing it even more second time around

So many of my friends said this to me and it is 100% true.

I always felt at some points I was totally winging being a parent with my first. Things just seemed to fit into place nicely.

Having my second little boy I feel this even more. I don’t know if its luck or that you trust you instincts more but I go with my gut and what feels right and it just works.

Don’t get me wrong there are days when everything goes wrong, its normally heavily influenced by how well my little one has slept.

5. You will feel more confident about your parenting style and what you want and don’t want to do

Do you remember after giving birth there were lots of follow ups with the midwife and health visitor?

I always used to dread these, I felt like I was being watched and checked on to see if I could do it.

Second time around I didn’t care, I knew I would be fine and that is all that mattered.

You will always get the little comments like ‘Maybe you should try it this way’ or ‘I would advise this’ and that’s fine because it is their job.

I now think whatever way is best for me and my baby I am happy with.

If you ever wonder what it takes to be a ‘Good Mum’ check out this post, you might surprise yourself.

6. You will be in awe of how much your children love eachother

This completely floored me and still does now.

It has to be one of the most magical moments when your first born meets your baby. It is a feeling like no other and one I will treasure forever.

The constant cuddles and making each other laugh is the joys of having a second child.

You are giving your first born a ready made best friend and play buddy and they just love it.

There may be some jealousy at some points but as long as you and your partner give equal attention everything will be fine.

I love how in the mornings when my eldest wakes up he comes downstairs to me and his little brother and goes straight for a kiss.

My heart melts every time.

7. Your first born will look huge

When you have your first child it doesn’t seem to mater what age they are they will always be your baby.

However when your second child comes along you instantly realise how big your first child is and it shocks you.

They are no longer your baby, they are now a toddler or older and the baby stage has now been replaced.

A part of me was sad about this and I was having mixed emotions but then I thought ‘No this is ok, they are now entering the next stage and I’m going to enjoy it’.

8. Second babies slot into your life so much easier than your first born

You have already got the routine with your first born so having your second baby is great because they naturally just slot in.

You have your bedtime routine down to a fine art now (Maybe) and now it becomes a joint affair.

Double bath time, double milk/drink, double stories and snuggles.

Me and my husband tag team and take on one child and then alternate so we still get to do both bedtimes.

Its so nice to be able to focus on both boys and not just our littlest one

Having our second little boy has totally completed our family. He has slotted into our way of life so well and given us all so much love and joy.

I was worried about how having a second baby would affect my relationship with my eldest boy and how he would feel.

I think its natural to feel this way but I honestly couldn’t have been more wrong. My first son has embraced being a big brother and is loving every second.

I worried how tired I would be but then honestly I am tired most of the time anyway being a mum to one little boy so it didn’t make a difference.

If I had to say one negative it would only be that it now takes even longer to leave the house!

However if that’s the only negative then I will take that and embrace it

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