26 Amazing Pregnancy Must Haves And Must Do’s For All Trimesters

Hey there mummy to be, you’re having a baby! A huge congratulations!

What a wonderful adventure you are embarking on. You are going to love it!

Over the next nine months you are going to feel so much love and excitement filled with lots of new experiences and emotions.

Do not worry about a thing, I have got you covered on all he pregnancy must haves you will need throughout your amazing journey.

Today I am going to share with you my ‘Pregnancy Must Haves’ that I 100% recommend that helped and supported me and my baby for two lovely pregnancies.

This ultimate pregnancy essentials list will cover all 3 trimesters ensuring you have everything you need to make your pregnancy happy, healthy and insightful.

Everything is covered from helping you deal with nausea, ensuring your are getting all the best nutrients and vitamins and the little extras that go along way to help you feel the most prepared and comfortable.

If you need help with what to pack in your hospital bag for the big event then check out this recent post which will let you know everything you need

First Trimester Fun – What I Loved & Helped Me, My Pregnancy Must Haves.

1. Ginger Biscuits & Flat Coca Cola

This was my ultimate cure for morning sickness and nausea throughout the day.

I always made sure that I had a packet of ginger biscuits next to the bed so as soon as I woke up and I felt really sick I could just grab one and it could start working its magic.

Then if I still was feeling sick I would get a small glass of Coca Cola and put a teaspoon of sugar in it to take all the fizz away.

I found that having a few sips of really flat Coca Cola really settled my stomach.

This was a tip I read when Kate Middleton was pregnant with George and it massively helped me so thanks Kate 🙂

2. The Big Announcement Reveal

One of the most exciting parts of the first trimester is telling your friends and family.

In that one quick moment you see their joy and excitement and from then on you can enjoy this journey all together.

There are so many ways to share your wonderful news from Granparent baby grows to ‘Im Pregnant’ T-shirts.

These are my favourites which would be such a lovely way to share your news

Whatever way you choose to tell the special people in your lives make sure you capture the moment. Its a lovely moment to look back on in years to come.

Blissful Second Trimester – What I Loved And Helped Me, My Pregnancy Must Haves.

3. Take A Crazy Amount Of Bump Pictures

I look back on my first pregnancy and think why didn’t I take many bump pictures?!?! Yes sure you put on weight and have swollen feet but who cares!

When I was pregnant with my second little boy I didn’t care, I took so many pictures as I wanted to document this special time for me and our little family.

It’s so lovely to look at a picture and remember what you were thinking and feeling at that moment.

Embrace the journey of pregnancy and how you are blossoming as a mummy to be.

4. Enjoy Your Family Time

When we knew we were pregnant with our second baby I wanted to enjoy as much time with my little boy as possible.

I knew when our baby arrived that I wouldn’t be able to give him as much attention at the beginning as I would like to and I wanted to make sure I spent quality time with him in the lead up.

We had lots of walks together to the park, little adventures and lots of talking about what our new family would be like.

Why is this part of my pregnancy must haves I hear you say?

Well its here because I believe it is incredibly important that we can look back on these precious memories and think how much my little boy has grown and how excited he was to be a big brother.

Also enjoy some one on one time with your partner, god knows when you will get that time over the next few months so make the effort.

Me and my husband went for a lunch together a few days before our second baby was born and it was perfect.

Lets Get Prepared Third Trimester – What I Loved And Helped Me, My Pregnancy Must Haves.

5. Pamper Time Girl, You Deserve It

Every girl loves to be pampered and there has never been a more needed time than in your third trimester when you are tired and waddle around.

Treat yourself to a lovely Mummy to be or Pregnancy Spa day where you can get your nails and feet manicured and painted and have a lush massage.

This has to be one of the highlights for me in my third trimester of both pregnancies and its just when you need it the most.

Coming away feeling fresh and revitalised is the perfect way to give you that extra boost and motivation to get through the last few weeks of pregnancy.

Check out this list of Pregnancy & Mum to be Spa Days at SPABREAKS.COM. There are so many options all over the UK that you will be able to find a lovely treat local to you.

6. Celebrate With A Baby Shower Surrounded By Your Friends & Family

You may be about to finish work and go on maternity leave or a few weeks away from the big due date.

What better way to celebrate your new arrival than having a baby shower?

You can either organise it yourself or ask one of your closest friends or family so you don’t have any of the planning.

Its such a wonderful time to celebrate with the people closest to you, take the time to catch up, have a few giggles and eat some yummy cake.

7. Get Bouncing Girl

Trust me when I say this… You NEED an exercise ball for the last few weeks of pregnancy. It certainly was a Pregnancy Must Haves for me and I am so grateful I had one.

It’s sometimes hard towards the end of pregnancy to get comfortable, no one position seems to be able to do it for you.

The joy of having the exercise ball is that you can bounce, sit, lean over, lean against and it moulds to your body. It is honestly so super comfortable.

I bought mine from Argos and its was perfect and super cheap

Opti Gym Ball – 75cm

The big winner is that the ball will also be a huge support in labour whilst you’re at home.

Support Your Beautiful Bump & Body All The Way, My Pregnancy Must Haves.

8. Pregnancy Pillow

When you need to get some sleep or just having a rest on the sofa a pregnancy pillow will become your new best friend.

The comfort you feel of having the pillow under your bump for support and round your back is just dreamy.

I loved mine because you can position them whatever way you feel the most comfiest.

They also can come in handy when baby arrives and you can lean on them for feeding times.

9. Belly Band

Sometimes when you are getting towards the last stage of your pregnancy having that extra support on your bump is everything.

A belly support band does just that in that it supports and lifts your bump taking the pressure off you and your back.

Maternity Support Band – Helps alleviate lower abdominal pains and back ache during pregnancy.

Maternity Support Knickers – Provide support under the tummy, reducing pressure on the lower back, easing aches and pain

Comfort is The Ultimate Queen, My Pregnancy Must Haves.

10. Soft Non Wired Maternity Bras

You will probably have read this by now but it is recommended that in pregnancy we steer away from wearing wired bras and op for comfort maternity bras.

You will want to grab yourself a few in your most worn colours so that you have one for all occasions.

Maternity bras are great in pregnancy as they are super comfy and soft on your every growing boobs!

Then when baby arrives you can use them for breastfeeding if that is your chosen path.


11. Maternity Jeans – The Stretchier The Better

I lived in maternity jeans practically in pregnancy, I always had a classic skinny black pair and Mom jean style in denim.

I always went for the over the bump style as I found in my first pregnancy that under the bump would just keep falling down and nobody has time for that.

There are so many amazing choices in the markets for maternity jeans that you are for sure going to find the styles that fit you.

Newlook is great and my go to for maternity clothes and also great value for money with great quality.

12. Leggings

For chilled days at home or under dresses it was nice to have super comfy leggings to wear.

They stretch with you and your bump and it has to be the comfiest thing to wear with no restrictions.

You can get different lengths and colours to suit any occasion you need so you have versatility to suit you.

13. Over Bump Vest Tops

Teamed up with your leggings a vest top can be such an easy outfit to put together which is pure comfort. 

They can be worn on their own in the warmer months or as a layering piece when it is a bit cooler.

The stretch cotton or jersey fabric is also a great support for your bump too.

14. Stretchy Soft Dresses

When I was going out or wanted to feel like I had made a bit more of an effort my go to item had to be a stretchy dress.

There are so many lovely maternity dresses on the market that are in such nice fabrics and prints you will feel a million dollars.

The stretchy fabric supports you growing bump throughout the day which is great! I always found that in the evening and after meals I would feel bigger.

15. Classic Maternity Dungarees

Everyone who is pregnant has to have a pair of dungarees right? It’s like an unspoken rule.

You see so many lovely pictures of mums rocking their bumps in some cool dungarees and I was no exception.

I loved them! I always felt cool but super comfortable at the same time. Grab yours in your favourite colour and rock your dunga’s mamma!

16. Soft & Stretch Pajamas

As you go through your pregnancy journey it seems to get harder and harder to sleep as you just can’t seem to get comfortable.

Having a pregnancy pillow will help for sure but you also need comfort in what you are wearing.

The last thing you will want is some restrictive tight PJ bottoms or a top that is tight on your growing bump.

I opted for loose fitting soft and stretchy PJ sets both long leg and then shorts later on as the weather got warmer.

17. Flat Comfy Shoes

You will have seen or heard about swollen feet in pregnancy

I’m not going to lie it’s not the most glamourous of looks.

For me it happened in the last trimester, fat feet were a real deal!

I bought some really comfortable and supportive berkanstocks which I practically lived in for nearly 3 months. 

I also bought some more formal sandals but in extra wide so they were not in any way restricting my feet.

There are lots of choices available now in wide fit shoes that can suit any season or occasion.

Check out the below shoes that I bought and also a few extras that may help if you are pregnant over winter.

White Birkenstock Sandals

Look after your body – You will have so much appreciation for how wonderful your body is! Women are AMAZING!

18. Pregnancy Vitamins

We all know how incredibly important it is to take our pregnancy vitamins especially Folic acid which your body needs for healthy growth and development. This is probably one of the most important pregnancy must haves for you and baby.

You only need to take one vitamin once a day which I found most easiest at night before I went to bed.

There are so many different brands you can choose but for me I used Pregnacare Original because it was packed with so many vitamins that would support me and my baby it was a winner.

19. Rub Rub And Rub More Oil On Your Bump

In an ideal world everyone women would give birth and have absolutely no stretch marks!

Sorry to say that doesn’t happen unless you dedicate time so rubbing that oil on.

It takes like 30 seconds and I used to do it in the morning after my shower and in the evening before I went to bed.

This short little oil up stopped be getting any stretch marks on my tummy from both pregnancies (YEY)

My biggest tip is to extend it to rubbing on your bum, thighs and boobs as they are all going to start growing!

I forgot to do that with my first little boy and have the beautiful bum stretch marks to show for it.

Its not the end of the world lets be honest as your body is growing your little human which is just a miracle really.

It’s their if you need it and want to take the time, also it smells lovely too.

I used two for myself, In the morning I would use the Palmers Body Butter and in the evening I would use Bio Oil.

I found that this combination of textures worked best for me and felt like in the morning I was just putting an ordinary moisturiser on.

20. Decaf Tea/Coffee – Lots of Caffeine is a NO In Pregnancy

We all know this but let’s just call out that its better for your pregnancy and baby if you limit your caffeine intake during pregnancy.

There have been studies to show it has caused pregnancy complications and non of us want that now.

My thoughts were that decaf was just fine and worth changing too in the short term.

If you are like me and enjoy coffee for the taste then you are fine as I couldn’t taste any difference.

Decaf tea took a little time to get used to but I’m now fully converted and wouldn’t go back.

21. Hydration Is The Winner

Water is a miracle drink we all know that, better skin, better gut more energy just a no brainer really.

When you are carrying a baby its even more important to stay hydrated but why not do it with a little bit of style.

Get yourself a lush new water bottle in a really cool design that speaks to your personality.

Lets Get Educated & Join Communities – Pregnancy Must Haves

22. Pregnancy books – Get Reading Girl

I am definitely that type of girl that likes to be informed and plan for the future.

Being prepared as much as I can puts myself in the right mindset to succeed.

I read this ultimate pregnancy book every night which showed the stage of you and the baby every day. Yes that’s right every day!

Now that might be a bit much for some people or it could be your cup of tea BUT you have the choice and there are so many great books out there to give a try.

Day By Day Pregnancy

The Positive Birth Book

23. Pregnancy tracking apps

I didn’t just download one pregnancy app I decided I wanted a few different ones.

I loved feeling informed and learning all about everything that was happening to my baby and my body at each week and stage, it fascinated me.

Here are a list of my favourite apps t hat I used daily to check in and see how me and my baby were progressing.

There is so much great information and its brilliant because it made me feel even more excited to meet my little one.

What To Expect

4.7/5 rating, 12.8k ratings

Pregnancy +

4.8/5 rating, 45.1k ratings

Pregnancy Tracker – BabyCenter

4.9/5 rating, 130.6k ratings

24. Baby/Pregnancy Milestone Apps

I think I became a little obsessed with these apps!

I just loved taking a picture and documenting what week I was at so that I could look back and compare against my first pregnancy.

Its also SO amazing to look back on now and see the steady growth process.

There are so many different images and texts to choose from depending on how you are feeling that day.

Its also great because this can then transfer to when your little one arrives and you can start to document how many weeks your little bubba is. (DREAMY)

Here are my two favourite apps that I loved to use

Baby Story : Pregnancy Pictures

4.8/5 rating, 140.1k ratings

Precious Baby Photo Art

4.7/5 rating, 87.3k ratings

25. Write Down Your Memories To Look Back On

I love to journal, I find it so calming to document my thoughts and feelings for each day.

This becomes even more important in pregnancy when you can be experiencing so many emotions, feelings, worries concerns etc.

Having some space to write down a few points a day making yourself aware of how you’re feeling is such a powerful tool.

I find that when I write something down that I am thinking or feeling it makes it more real like you have to own it and decide ‘OK how can I make myself feel better?’

Its also so lovely to document the big milestones of pregnancy like your scans, telling your friends and family, buying your big purchases like a pram etc.

It’s priceless to look back and live in the moment again and remembering how you felt at that very moment.

26. Follow Some Funny, Inspirational and Positive Instagram accounts

These are a few of my favourite instagram accounts of real mums just being them and sharing all the highs and lows and reality of mum life.

These without a doubt for me must be included in my pregnancy must haves because they have inspired me, supported me and informed me on everything I wanted and didn’t want to know about pregnancy and motherhood.







Well that’s a wrap folks! 26 of my very best pregnancy must haves that massively helped and supported me through both my lovely pregnancies.

Enjoy this special journey and capture these magical moments.

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